Bianca Jamotte Leroux of Real Mommy Confessions – Mom Journey – Monday

BiancaReal Mommy Confessions, owning restaurants and handling multiple careers with babies, a firefighter husband, getting married after two months, balancing acting and babies, the entertainment industry’s negative attitude on babies, walking out of audition to be a VIP to your baby, temper tantrums on social media, mom confessions from moms of all types worldwide, and how acknowledging your own mom can give you strength. “Real Mommy Confessions” web series creator, actress, producer, and owner of Brooklyn, NY restaurants Cup and Brooklyn Mac, Bianca Jamotte Leroux on her Mom Journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @biancajamotte)

In this episode:

  • Michelle’s sandbox discovery, and simple toys
  • How Bianca has three lives
  • Cats and dogs
  • Owning restaurants, Brooklyn Mac (mac and cheese for everyone) and Cup coffee shop
  • Hitting 29 and that “get me pregnant” feeling, needing a baby yesterday
  • Having a baby with two restaurants and two careers and getting a dog – all at the same time
  • Working as an actress and appearing on “As the World Turns” and “One Life to Live”
  • Bianca’s six-year old girl, five-year old boy
  • How she and her husband met and got married within 2 months
  • FDNY firefighter
  • People in the entertainment industry being negative about pregnancy and babies
  • How having a baby puts life in perspective and opportunities come to you
    Walking out of an audition because they made her wait, how it was the best decision ever, and never auditioning since
  • Being VIP to your baby
  • Moved to the suburbs, posting her son’s temper tantrums on social media, and showing the real side of being a mom when she created a web series “Real Mommy Confessions”
  • Wanting to portray real moms of all types
  • Getting many confessions from around the world via social media
  • Bianca’s #MOMSGOTTHISMOMENT when she thought she was never going to be able to do it, and realizing her mom had it harder, putting it in perspective, and how acknowledging her mom, and Bianca realizing she’s from that stock as well, gave her confidence

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