Bianca Jamotte Leroux of Real Mommy Confessions – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

BiancaWhen toddlers become kids, the dream of taking a year off to travel and home-school, creating friendships with your kids, postpartum depression the lowest moment, overcoming depression, the challenge of weaning at 15 months, when moms put themselves last, and a boost for a mommy-oriented web-series. “Real Mommy Confessions” creator, actress, producer, and owner of Brooklyn, NY restaurants Cup and Brooklyn Mac, Bianca Jamotte Leroux shares thoughts on special moments and aspirations with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @biancajamotte)

In this episode:

  • Michelle looking at her two-year old and how different she is, looking forward to doing real grown-up-style things with her
  • When toddlers turn into kids, being able to just go places and have fun with one another
  • How a kid is a little person to talk to, with their own interests
  • Bianca’s daughter likes tea at Alice’s Teacup, and her son likes dinosaurs
  • With her firefighter husband retiring in seven years the dream of taking a year off and home schooling kids as they travel for a year
  • Creating a friendship with children
  • Solidifying their bond, the world is your classroom, the power of the Internet to teach on the go
  • A lowest moment having to overcome, postpartum depression after weaning her son after 15 months, hadn’t slept, hormones were crazy, hit bottom
  • Delayed postpartum depression, her lowest moment when she just put son to bed, her daughter woke him up on purpose for fun, grabbing daughter and really was so tired and sick and chemically off and depressed, triggered her so hard, never wanted to scare kids
  • Taking anti-depressants, and going to gym to fight depression
  • Weaning her son, how she went to California, sleeping on other side of the house so son wouldn’t come looking for her, how it was horrible but she had to become a human again, her body was not her own for 3 years and it failed her
  • Being angry with her body and brain
  • Mothers put themselves last by nature, and how moms pay for it
  • Depression is not to be ashamed of, just take care of yourself to be the best version of yourself and the best version of a mother you can be
  • A big and exciting change for Bianca’s web-series

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