Bianca Jamotte Leroux of Real Mommy Confessions – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Bedtime routines and nighttime songs, sharing a bed, great babysitters, day sex, when your spouse can’t take sick time, the importance of flexible systems, kids come first, being a mom trains you for almost anything, being a successful mom is a team sport just like business and entertainment, and expecting your kids to use their smarts. “Real Mommy Confessions” web series creator, actress, producer, and owner of Brooklyn, NY restaurants Cup and Brooklyn Mac, Bianca Jamotte Leroux shares her routines and relationships with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @biancajamotte)

In this episode:

  • Stacy’s routine with her son Dylan son, singing Forever Young every night, and when a routine can be rememberedBianca
  • Bianca’s 6 year old girl and 5 year old boy
  • Routines important for kids, and somewhat, and for adults to not their lose minds
  • Every night — bedtime together, Bianca’s husband often works overnights with fire department
  • Bianca on how she says she loves them every night, with nighttime songs
  • Bedtime in same bed
  • The nighttime “concert”
  • Bianca’s great sitter luck and nanny-karma
  • Being day sex people to make kids comfortable coming into the parents’ bed
  • Making sure kids feel like there is never a time they are not welcome home
  • Husband being a very supportive, wonderful father
  • How Bianca’s husband cannot call out sick as firefighter, no flexibility to be there and relieve husband on time
  • Must have systems, but must be flexible
  • When husband got injured on job, and whole system went out window
  • Once you become a mother there is no job you’re not qualified for
  • Kids come first always
  • Expecting kids to be smart about things and smart enough to listen
  • Learning from productions and businesses as a team sport, choosing the right teammates
  • Being surrounded by good and smart people instead of trying to be someone who can run the world
  • No WiFi in Bianca’s coffee shop Cup to make sure people talk, and real trust in managers

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