Cassandra Jones of Macy’s – Mom Journey – Monday

The terrible two’s, raising men, balancing family with work passion, setting priorities, being a mom in a sea of male executives, being O.K. with not being there for all the moments, the independent four-year-old, how a woman’s identity is more than motherhood, and the sexy and powerful mom. Cassandra Jones, Senior Vice President of Fashion & Digital Strategy for Macy’s, on her Mom Journey, with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @cassandrajones).

In this episode:

  • “Yogurt moments”, the terrible two’sCassandra Jones
  • Growing up in South Dakota, pursuing a finance major, half art/half science, being bored balancing trades, Jones realizing she loves to shop
  • Dressing America, many types of people, everyone is important in expressing style inside and out
  • A family of a 4 year old, 1 year old, supportive husband an artist primary caregiver
  • People still surprised she is a breadwinner
  • How do you raise boys into men
  • Balancing loving being with children while maintaining a passion for work.
  • The biggest priority is setting one’s priorities
  • Get up really early, make sure to work out daily
  • Operating with upper executives and board members, mostly older white men not small women, with Jones building strength mentally and physically to show up as fully as she wants to
  • The philosophy of having an ease that you might not be there
  • Parents being there 24/seven didn’t make her who she is, being present when she is did
  • Having no toolbox for independence at  four years old
  • Why Jones didn’t love having two kids until recently
  • Being O.K. not being the kind of mom she though she would be
  • Just being a mom doesn’t mean one’s entire identity is being a mom
  • Jones’ #MOMSGOTTHIS Moment, the moment something clicked after a speech for Oprah and leadership from Hillary Clintonfor her that she can be a mom and still be successful, sexy, powerful

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