Cassandra Jones of Macy’s – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

Doing enough as a mom, what a working mom gives her child, being on American Idol, why it’s O.K. to not be with your kids every moment, making life better for others, mantras, mom-shaming, and why just being you is perfect. Cassandra Jones, Senior Vice President of Fashion & Digital Strategy for Macy’s, on moments and aspirations, with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @cassandrajones).

In this episode:

  • Wondering if one is doing enough as a mother Cassandra Jones
  • A work ethic at — three years old!
  • What are you giving children as a working mom?
  • When your son says “cheese “more than “mom”
  • Being on American Idol for Macy’s
  • Growing kids into a person because of what a mom is able to showcase, and not about being there every moment
  • The need for a mantra
  • A focus on making life better for others
  • Feeling shamed by other moms by not knowing about protocol, such as how to prepare for play dates
  • Just being you and rocking it, and how it isn’t about perfect or pretty

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