Chloe Melas of CNN – Mom Journey – Monday

Maternity leave, the guilt of returning to work, breaking a big #METOO story, the rollercoaster of IUI, IVF, & low egg reserve, & what Nicole Kidman & Sarah Jessica Parker had to say. And, Michelle’s potty training disaster! Chloe Melas, Entertainment Reporter at @CNN   on her Mom Journey, with Stacy Igel & Michelle Park in our first-ever episode! (Instagram: @chloemelas).

In this episode:

  • Michelle’s potty training nightmare
  • Taking maternity leave
  • The challenges and guilt of going back to work
  • Chloe’s baby boy Leo and restauranteur/fitness enthusiast husband
  • The pros and cons of a new longer commute after moving to the suburbs from Manhattan
  • Coming back to work to break a huge #METOO story as a reporter, and falling back in love with her job
  • Difficulty conceiving a child, then intrauterine insemination (IUI), and didn’t work
  • Limitations of what insurance covers and affordability of artificial insemination
  • When sex becomes a job
  • Making the decision to undergo In vitro fertilization (IVF) and the demanding process including blood testing and injections followed by surgery and depression
  • Why Chloe didn’t feel entirely happy when she found out she was pregnant
  • The rollercoaster of dealing with low egg reserve and an amazing stroke of luck
  • What Nicole Kidman told Chloe
  • Why Chloe cried with Sarah Jessica Parker
  • A #MOMSGOTTHIS Moment about breastfeeding, pizza, and doing business with someone in China

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