Chloe Melas of CNN – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

Death & the world with young kids, the trauma & bonding of child surgery, what Oprah asked Chloe, Mother’s Day rewards, doubt & emergency  surgery, career future, and  the moment Chloe knew she could do it.  Chloe Melas, Entertainment Reporter at @CNN on special moments & aspirations, with Stacy Igel & Michelle Park. (Instagram: @chloemelas).

In this episode:

  • When Stacy travel to see her Uncle in hospice, why she didn’t tell her son she was going away to Chicago, and whether you tell your child the truth about special trips like that
  • When is the right time to talk about death and the ways of the world with kids?
  • What Stacy’s son thinks about Donald Trump
  • How Chloe wanted to be a mom so much, and because of the struggle she is very grateful, and has made her appreciative of being a mom and more patient
  • How Chloe’s son Leo had major surgery this year and the trauma of that, how it created special bonding with him, and every day is a special moment
  • Chloe’s anticipation of hearing the word “mama” and traveling abroad with Leo
  • When Oprah asked Chloe what she’s learned and how it has changed her — and why doesn’t have an answer yet
  • Creating another human being
  • Why Mother’s Day is a chance to feel the pride of accomplishment of achieving motherhood, and why she wants a party, parade, major Instagram shout-out — and maybe a tub of diamonds!
  • A moment of doubt and sickness when Chloe was without sleep after her son’s surgery — and how her husband stepped up — only to end up with emergency surgery herself
  • Wishing for public professions of love from husbands
  • Waiting for the other shoe to drop
  • How a lot of opportunities can come to you, and careers can blossom after having a child
  • Always thinking of what’s next, wanting more, and pushing herself, wanting to tell stories for people who don’t have a voice
  • A good journalist can report on many topics, and why Chloe may not always be an entertainment reporter
  • A second child–naturally?
  • Can Chloe imagine her life while not working?
  • Surrounding yourself with people who understand everyone has issues in life, needing flexibility
  • Why Michelle won’t work five days a week in her career, and the “No Mondays Club”
  • A grandmotherly Maid of Honor
  • Chloe’s #MOMSGOTTHIS Moment about her taking her son to the emergency room and trying to understand what was wrong with him, being up all night while husband Brian was out of town, then making it to work in the morning, and realizing she can truly do it!


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