Chloe Melas of CNN – Products and Service – Wednesday

Flying w/ small kids, powder formula vs. ready-made, a hotel disaster, a travel stroller & glow-in-the-dark pacifier, a crazy baby shower, & a 2nd one? Chloe Melas, Entertainment Reporter at @CNN on products & services that work & don’t work, with Stacy Igel & Michelle Park. (Instagram: @chloemelas).

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In this episode:

  • Flying with small children
  • The plan to go to the Amalfi Coast to visit family – when Chloe’s son Leo is 11 months old
  • Traveling a lot, tips
  • How it was easier when Leo was an infant
  • Feeling it necessary to use powder formula, why Chloe then switched to ready-made formula
  • A hotel disaster with formula bottles
  • A fantastic travel stroller, adaptable to different brands of car seats
  • How Chloe made own baby food for a bit, and why she stopped and started using Happy Baby food
  • The amazing pacifier, MAM pacifiers, and why the glow in the dark pacifiers are everything
  • Why Chloe didn’t need or use a bottle warmer or sterilizer
  • Chloe’s crazy  baby shower, the huge party, her need to really celebrate impending motherhood, some 200 people circus-themed party, and why she invite so many people
  • Why Chloe held a diaper raffle
  • Why she decided to know the gender of her baby
  • Why Chloe will definitely have a second baby shower if she has a second baby

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