Chloe Melas of CNN – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Husbandly support, better communication, love languages, compliments, balancing work & baby, a supportive boss, child surgery, protecting family time, unexpected health issues, moments that matter, & making it all work! Chloe Melas, Entertainment Reporter at @CNN on routines & relationships, with Stacy Igel & Michelle Park. (Instagram: @chloemelas).

Chloe MelasIn this episode:

  • Calling on your husband to step up when you’re pregnant, filling the void, thanks to those who do
  • The need to communicate better
  • Crazy schedules making it tough to find time together, trying to carve out time together and trying to do little things to do acts of kindness
  • Paying attention to love languages and seeing a spouse go out of their way
  • When your partner spends too much time on their phone as a source of stress
  • The power of compliments
  • Balancing unexpected moments with strict job demands and being in the public eye
  • Having a very supportive boss
  • A seven-to-eight month old in surgery caused a change in ability to be at work unexpected
  • Being able to do a job from home at times, but at beck and call of breaking news
  • Life is unexpected, Chloe has to be flexible with herself
  • Protecting weekends and family time
  • Dealing with child health issues
  • Understanding you cannot do it all
  • Children remembering the times they are with their parents can matter more than other times
  • Just trying to make it all work

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