Ike Barinholtz – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Comedian, actor, dad, big fan of his wife…

Ike BarinholtzThe morning routine, the daily giant omelette, doing whatever you can, earning parent currency, a symbiotic relationship with one’s spouse, having family around to help, how almost dying led Michelle to start an Instagram account for her daughter, and Michael Keaton. Actor and comedian Ike Barinholtz (Blockers, The Mindy Project, MADtv, and many more) shares his dad journey, and salutes his wife (mompreneur with three daughters), and the routines and relationships in his life as a dad — just in time for Father’s Day — with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: ikebarinholtz)

  • How Ike is the routine
  • Michelle on when her daughter was first born she decided to take everything on herself, but after her daughter turned 1 ½ she told her husband he is now part of this situation, now he’s finally part of the morning. routine, but he didn’t want to — how there’s breakfast, and he’s part of it all
  • Ike has “Jewish dad guilt”, does most of the cooking
  • The morning routine with instant organic steel cut oatmeal , his wife breastfeeding, breakfast for the family, coking a giant omelette cut into little squares, then making lunch for the older kid.
  • Running the morning routine all the time unless he has an work responsibility
  • Advice from Ike: Dads—do whatever you can
  • “Parent currency”, and Ike’s symbiotic relationship with his wife
  • How Ike met his wife in Vegas, and how they make it work
  • A lot of family, Ike’s brother and his wife are close by and help out, having a great nanny, and wife’s mom and dad so great
  • Having family around is so valuable
  • Having familial connection who are basically “you” with your kids
  • How cool it is when parents are friends
  • Michelle’s Instagram started because Michelle almost died due to a postpartum hemorrhage, writing letters to her daughter in case she died, wanted daughter  to know about her mother journey
  • Michael Keaton and the movie “My Life”

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