Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart – Mom Journey – Monday

Esther GoodhartWhen should kids be disciplined, being Korean and Jewish, letting repetition end naturally with kids, reentering the work force as a mom, taking parenthood seriously after five miscarriages, how to calm a child down gently and effectively, a choice not to have a nanny, reinventing yourself, standup comedy vs. therapy, giving your kids everything, being the Asian Roseanne Barr, learning from Yoda, and being a tiger parent. Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart shares her mom journey with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

In this episode:

  • Michelle’s 1 ½ year old daughter’s tantrums, looking at when do you discipline kids
  • How you deal with a kid who wants to wear the same thing every day
  • Letting child do what they want even if the parent wants change, let someone else motivate them by making fun of them
  • Requests to read “Goodnight Moon” every night,
  • If it is what the kids want, let them have the repetition
  • How it is cheaper to let the girl wear one dress every day if they want
  • Esther’s two boys, 30 and 28
  • Everyone has a different way of raising kids
  • How Esther majored in cognitive child development in grad school
  • Doing standup comedy and teaching Hebrew school
  • How Esther used to be an account exec in advertising and PR, thought she could go back to work but it doesn’t always work that way, and she knew she couldn’t have it all and be excellent in both
  • Having five miscarriages, then feeling like she got a major gift with kid and wanted to take it seriously
  • She couldn’t pay anyone enough money to love her kid the way she wanted to
  • The little moments you live for, especially when kids get things wrong
  • Getting back into the workforce after you raise children
  • How Esther reinvented herself and became a comic because it was cheaper than therapy
  • Performing at The White House —  21 times
  • Getting into comedy from an ad to pay to perform comedy at Carolines in NYC after being inspired by Margaret Cho — who was seeming to “do her act”
  • Having both a Jewish and Korean side
  • Going to Hebrew school
  • Giving kids everything, no reason for them to suffer
  • Not going back to work, how Esther got an opportunity as a result to see the  entire learning process as her kids grew
  • Helping her kids learn everything, teaching her sons what she would teach if she had a daughter also
  • Esther would do more for the kids, but did not want the suburban mom life, was bored, so what was hard and exciting was to do standup
  • Esther’s  standup routine would talk about how hard it is to be a parent and people would find it very funny
  • Esther has been called the “Asian Roseanne Barr”
  • Teaching kids to do their best for your boss or teacher
  • The bar was always high, she was a tiger parent
  • Learning from Yoda – “there is no try”
  • Sons are an actor/dancer and a comic book illustrator – two jobs tough to do well in, and they do well
  • Esther’s #MOMSGOTTHIS Moment when she asked elderly woman how she raised two successful children —  you just love them – all books and classes out the window – that’s the answer

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