Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

Esther GoodhartWishing kids stay small, being the Queen of Benefits, forcing herself out of a wheelchair, the power of motherhood, enduring the physicality of standup comedy, an oboe scholarship, when doors open, a curiosity about life, and a lack of fear of death. Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart shares her insights on products and services she believes in with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

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In this episode:

  • How Stacy’s son fell asleep on her on a car ride, wanting your kids not to get big, special moments when they still feel small
  • Esther as the “queen of benefits” for some, laughter is best medicine, she often gives it back — but jests if someone is poor and she gives it back, then there are two poor people
  • How Esther had a TV show, radio show, one woman show on Broadway, performed at the UN
  • The greatest thing that ever happened to her
  • Esther’s familial dystonia, neurological disorder (like Parkinson’s, CP and MS rolled into one)
  • How Esther forced herself out of a wheelchair, now doing dance, choreography
  • How this was a miracle
  • It took a lot of years to look like she’s ok, her sister never got out of her wheelchair
  • The power of motherhood, how she needed to be a mom not in a wheelchair and be unencumbered, how she is grateful for a wheelchair helped her to move
  • She still needs to be in a scooter in malls, can’t walk too much.
  • An accident a month before her sons wedding
  • How is she able to deal with the physicality of standup comedy? — through sheer force of her nature
  • A science of making all people laugh, very difficult thing to do.
  • How she took oboe in high school because it is the most difficult instrument
  • How Esther got a scholarship in college because she could play the oboe
  • Every door opens by itself, how she doesn’t solicit herself, happens because she loves people more than they can hurt her, and is curious about people and about life
  • How Esther wants to see everything, and she is seeing a lot of thing
  • Two thing her father gave her: Her name and lack of fear of death, and she’s had a phenomenal life

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