Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart – Products and Solutions – Wednesday

Esther GoodhartWater Wow! books, why Esther never denied her kids toys and video games, more than 800 Barbie dolls, why the most important gift is love, and one thing Esther wish she had to help with being a mom. Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart shares her insights on products and services she believes in with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

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In this episode:

  • Water Wow! books, with pens that refill with water – and key they have to look for in the picture—keeps daughter very busy – bought 10 of them, Melissa and Doug makes them
  • Why Esther never denied her kids any action figures or video games
  • Letting her kids watch TV, Rugrats
  • When she went shopping her kids would get a special toy when got to the department store, they’d be happy for hours
  • Now the toys are worth a lot of money, including video games and action figures
  • Why Esther has over 800 Barbie dolls mint in-box, how her minister father thought Barbie was a “slut and a whore”, and Esther bought a Barbie that looked like (better than) her
    Esther’s shelves for Barbies
  • How moms shouldn’t spoil kids, giving them not too much and just enough
  • Making sure kids have more than enough love, but enough money to pay rent and eat, but the most important gift is love
  • Esther’s one wish she had as a mom- a “wipey warmer”

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