Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Esther GoodhartWhen kids start thinking like entrepreneurs, the power of silence, when mom has a meltdown and the kids are the grownups, feeling validated as a mother, a mom’s unmatched love for her kids, trusting yourself that you raised the kids right, converting to Judaism and family alienation, and a Kosher Korean cookbook. Korean-Jewish Comedienne Esther Goodhart shares her insights on family routines and relationships with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

In this episode:

  • How, with school ending, Stacy’s son Dylan showed he had entrepreneurship in his mind
  • Esther’s sons had rules
  • Her tight relationship with her 28 and 30 year old sons
  • How kids can think you’re a jerk and you have to “eat it” as a mom
  • The deafening power in silence
  • Esther on having a meltdown at her kid’s wedding when she wasn’t being validated, and how her kids propped her up
  • How simple things like saying that Mom is important, and the intimacy of a simple statement, means everything
  • Nobody can love you like your mom, only God and your mom made you
  • How Esther didn’t honor herself and trust that she raised her kids right, kids wont listen to a mother complain
  • The challenges of converting to Judaism, the complexity of doing it with a Christian minister father, and how Esther’s Korean Christian family didn’t speak to her for years
  • Closing her mouth, living her life
  • Writing Kosher-Korean cookbook

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