Sophie Elgort, Fashion and Portrait Photographer – Mom Journey – Monday

Sophie ElgortKids learning to dress themselves, when pregnancy impacts work opportunities, going back to work and going out for the first time after giving birth, the isolation and guilt of loving your job as a new mom, and when your own mom breaks and enters. Fashion and portrait photographer Sophie Elgort reveals her mom journey to Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @sophieelgort)

In this episode:

  • Having patience with kids learning to dress themselves
  • Almost 10 weeks old daughter Stella, being so small
  • How having limited time allows you to pick and choose clients more carefully
  • Great clients giving Sophie jobs late in pregnancy to shoot jobs
  • A disappointing instance with a client, despite having the job  covered she doesn’t have client any more
  • When is the right time to be going back to work, and working jobs between feedings
  • Going out after baby is only 10 days old, leaving the baby with parents, and freaking out
  • Keeping some semblence of your pre-baby life, feeling like you need to get back to it
  • Feeling the guilt of being a working mom and loving your job
  • The isolation of being a new mom, the need for visitors
  • A memorable @MOMSGOTTHIS Moment — Ski racing in Vermont, Sophie’s mother driving 5 hours with 2 year old at night so they can east and sleep, locked out of grandparents house, and breaks into the window

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