Sophie Elgort, Fashion and Portrait Photographer – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

Sophie ElgortPlaying the most important role (mommy), when kids say loving things, a charity to inspire inclusion and photography, how taking photos of imperfect moments capture the real story of growing up, finding satisfaction in a creative job, how having a baby humbles you, when your own baby is the first one you’ve ever held, sick kids, and when the husband is the baby whisperer. Fashion and portrait photographer Sophie Elgort reveals special moments and aspirations to hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @sophieelgort)

In this episode:

  • Special times when kids say things, when they say “I Love You” or “Mommy”, not realizing how special being a mom is, and how it is the most important role
  • Sophie’s charity – Through Our Lens, access and mentorship to high school girls passionate about photography and fashion, with an inclusive spirit, underserved communities, how fashion is historically an exclusive career, finding and nurturing this talent, and sharing their creative passions
  • How Sophie’s father, as a photographer, learned through his eyes but took a different path
  • Spending time with kids via taking pictures, how kids always look great and are an amazing new subject
  • Sophie’s hope to do own version like her father’s book
  • Photo shooting her daughter Stella reminds her of times when she was a child
  • Advice to just have your phone out, capture moments, how you can get close-in, take pictures of hands, or move far away and see how small kids are in comparison to something
  • Capture the whole story, when things aren’t perfect, when they’re not smiling – so much of Instagram isn’t “real”, so doing this captures actual parenthood and a child’s life
  • Doing the jobs that are an artistic fit for you and that you enjoy doing
  • The humbling experience having a young baby
  • Sophie’s 2018 career goal, wanting to get more into contributing on-air and explore that more
  • When kids get sick, never holding a baby before Sophie had her own, as she didn’t want to break them
  • When holding her own baby, Sophie was nervous, and didn’t know how to do that
  • Finding that she can now hold a baby expertly
  • How Sophie’s husband is a “baby whisperer”
  • How scary it is to be holding the head of a baby right

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