Steph Paynes of Lez Zeppelin – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Lez ZeppelinWhen your job titles are “rock star” and “mom”, the joys of when your kids come see you perform, support systems when you have to travel as a working mom, when your kids have talent, surviving a lack of supportive relationships on the road,  surprising places you’ll find support, and balancing two worlds as a mother. Steph Paynes, lead guitarist and founder of tribute band Lez Zeppelin, shares her routines and relationships as a mom with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

(Steph’s Instagram:  @lezzeppelin and @stephpaynes)

In this episode:

  • Michelle on an impending change of routines with second baby expected
  • How you just figure it out new routines, like solving a puzzle
  • Steph Paynes on having a job title “rock star”
  • When Steph started the band, and then got pregnant shortly after
  • Her son Harrison is not as much a musician, her son Max is a gifted musician, went to a special gifted music school
  • How he attended school for 6 years, studied violin, but then changed paths into computers an engineering
  • That special time when Max picked up a guitar and tried to figure out Led Zeppelin
  • When Steph’s kids come and see her play in the band, some of the great moments
  • Steph on the joy of seeing her kids in the audience or wings, knowing they were there, and she didn’t have to leave them
  • Harrison coming on Australia tour with Steph
  • Support systems, friends who understand what you’re doing
  • Parents nearby were able to help
  • How when touring there weren’t people who could help or give advice
  • Why Steph never thought she should stop doing it, but maybe she is crazy anywhere
  • Showing up in preschool with leather pants and long velvet coat is weird, and perhaps often late
  • How Steph got support in surprising places, such as the office of the preschool
  • Steph on being able to live sincerely in a a lot of different worlds, different parts of her, unlike many rock musicians

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