Deb Ruffalo Ross – Mom Journey – Monday

Deb Ruffalo RossWhen kids lie, the massive shift in identity when becoming a mom, a very difficult labor, activating her network to get healthy after 10 months of post-birth misery, the pressure to appear happy, the transition between the first and second child, and the ride home from the hospital. Acupuncturist and traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Deb Ruffalo Ross shares her mom journey with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

In this episode:

  • Deb’s work in acupuncture, herbal therapy, Chinese massage cupping, lifestyle and nutrition, and as a health coach
  • Stacy on a new phase with Dylan, figuring out whether he is telling a lie or not
  • Stacy’s strategy of saying lies bring monsters into the bedroom – testing for a lie
  • Deb’s two girls ages 3 and 6
  • The identity shift of becoming a mom, how Deb was surprised at how lifechanging it was
  • What it means to become a mom, how Deb couldn’t find a lot of people who identified, massive shift in identity
  • “Before kids Deb”, and  “after kids Deb”
  • Working makes her feel like herself
  • The added benefit of becoming a mom, and a spectrum of experiences with her kids
  • Howdy had a vaginal birth after a C-section
  • A very difficult labor
  • Deb’s C-section after 1 hours of labor
  • Visiting nurses for one month after birth, how Deb didn’t feel well, took a while to find happiness
  • Around 10 months she decided treating herself like a patient, and activated all the healers in her network
  • How having children changed career, being able to treat based on her own experiential knowledge
  • The importance of feeling understood
  • Searching for mom friends to be yourself with, but too many weren’t able to relate in truth and the reality
  • The pressure to act like you’re all happy
  • Two tragedies on the way home from the hospital with her baby for Michelle
  • A transition between kids #1 and #2, feeling more prepared
  • The drive home with the second child, when she felt she’s got this, got her crew
  • It is all about the moments

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