Grace Choi – Mom Journey – Monday

Grace ChoiBanana pancakes, when your child needs a lot of attention, a babysitter you can trust to do their own thing, running a a new food tech startup with an 18 month old child, and when a child learns to not hit. Grace Choi, PhD,  host of Cooking with Grace on The Cooking Channel, CEO/Founder of Cookable Inc., and Adjunct Professor at The New School, shares her mom journey with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

In this episode:

  • Banana pancakes
  • Grace’s daughter 18 months is Kasper, a wild kid, super cute and funny
  • Grace’s PhD  in food studies, teaches at The New School in food psychology, and has a food and tech company called Cookable
  • Running a startup business, and coping with the demands while raising a young child
  • Her daughter needs real attention from Grace
  • Having a babysitter you trust to do her thing
  • Moving obstacles out of the way of a cook
  • Cookable as a voice and video assisted interactive recipe instructiuon platform, a virtual recipe box for the future
  • The moment when a child realizes they aren’t supposed to hit

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