Grace Choi – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

Recording moments to capture them forever, leading kids to live a fulfilling life, building a company with an inspiring ethos, when your child starts becoming more aware and interacting with people and friends, and how it goes by fast. Grace Choi, PhD, host of Cooking with Grace on The Cooking Channel, CEO/Founder of Cookable Inc., and Adjunct Professor at The New School, shares special moments and aspirations with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

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In this episode:

  • Recording moments in the 1-2-3 period to hold on to them
  • When Michelle’s daughter covers her in kisses and lets her cuddle
  • Inspiring her daughter to live a fulfilling life
  • Building a company that provides everyone involved the opportunity to spend time with family, being inspired
  • When Grace’s daughter Kasper waked her up to “boop” her nose
  • Becoming more aware of other people, friends
  • Obsessed with babies, prying babies from their mothers’ arms
  • Realizing it goes by so fast

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