Grace Choi – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Grace ChoiThe sex life when pregnant, every day is by the seat of your pants with a child, 5am writing exercises, the rewards and risks of co-sleeping, starting a company with a young child, falling into conventional gender roles, being tired, and how being a chef trains you for having kids. Grace Choi, PhD, host of Cooking with Grace on The Cooking Channel, CEO/Founder of Cookable Inc., and Adjunct Professor at The New School, shares her mom routines and relationships with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

In this episode:

  • How sex life changes  when pregnant
  • Pregnancy massages
  • Men can’t multi task
  • Living every day by the seat of your pants with kids
  • How Grace used to wake up at 5am, writing exercise, would love to do it again
  • Still nursing
  • Co-sleeping
  • Grace starting a company with a new child, keeps you focused, organized
  • How doing so is risky, but have to work harder, better, faster, time is money, stakes are high
  • When a child pretends she is on a business call
  • Falling into conventional stereotypical gender roles
  • Having to share more, men must feel more tired
  • Why co-sleeping can be important for a baby’s health
  • Sleeping on a floor matress
  • Co-sleeping as a controversial issue
  • With co-sleeping you become comfort object for a child, traveling away from them becomes difficult
  • Ecological breastfeeding
  • Being a chef preparing for having a kid
  • If I wasn’t crazy nothing would get done

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