Paula Garces – Mom Journey – Monday

Paula GarcesMichelle had her baby! Trying to remember things from when you had your first baby,  how having a baby interrupted an acting career, having kids that are 22 years apart in age, living your own truth, pregnancy in your 40’s, and an inspiring moment when community rallied around a mom in need.  Actress Paula Garces (Harold and Kumar, The Shield, Clockstoppers, Dangerous Minds, All My Children, On My Block, and creator of The World of Aluna superhero comic books) shares her Mom Journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

(Paula’s Instagram: @therealpaulagarces)

In this episode:

  • Michelle announces she’s had her baby!
  • How Michelle’s new baby is more “chill” than her first baby
  • Michelle forgot so many things from the first time she had a baby
  • Paula started her acting career in soaps, All My Children, Guiding Light
  • When she was pregnant, offered part on All My Children
  • Paula looks like she’s very young
  • Paula’s two children, one 26 years old, one 4 years old
  • How Paula has always felt she was going to accomplish what she put her mind to
  • Everyone said she destroyed her career when she had a baby, and one year later she was acting in Hollywood across from Michelle Pfeiffer—then didn’t work fro two years, went on welfare
  • Ultimately Paula nabbed roles on Law and Order, then the Harold and Kumar series then a big role on The Shield
  • And now she’s in new Netflix show On My Block
  • Don’t give up what you live and your truth is, make it happen for yourself, keep living like an artist
  • She tried naturally fora second child for a long time, had several miscarriages, was  feeling guilt being pregnant at an older age
  • Being there at a pivotal “almost–pregnant” moment with Stacy when Paula was newly pregnant
  • An incredible #MOMSGOTTHIS moment for Paula when strangers rallied to help her in a rough moment

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