Paula Garces – Products and Solutions – Wednesday

Solving sleep with pacifiers, waterproof makeup every day, an amazing makeup remover, Korean cosmetics, and how different raising babies with a 22 year gap can be. Actress Paula Garces (Harold and Kumar, The Shield, Clockstoppers, Dangerous Minds, All My Children, On My Block, and creator of The World of Aluna superhero comic books) shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

(Paula’s Instagram: @therealpaulagarces)

In this episode:

  • Michelle on her #secondchildmommynewness and new mom products and solutions
  • Two and a half years of too little sleep, and the pacifier is the answer!
  • How Michelle bought every pacifier on the market and tested them all!
  • Why Michelle’s baby is now sleeping for 3 hours at a time
  • Paula on Cargo Cosmetics swimmable waterproof line makeup – no time for touchups
  • Makeup longevity when you are sweating all the time because hands on with  a four year old, and walks everywhere
  • Boscia – awesome black charcoal activators
  • A gel-like makeup remover that is amazing
  • Seeking and loving Korean makeup
  • From welfare at 18 and no fancy products for daughter back then, using what she could afford, to more possibilities today
  • Embracing the pacifier for sleep
  • How Paula breastfed both kids, but with daughter did not have any products or breast pump or fancy bras

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