Steph Paynes of Lez Zeppelin – Products and Solutions – Wednesday

Lez ZeppelinGetting baby bottles through the TSA, the magical baby wipe, taking a five year old on a concert tour, the many uses of burp rags, and when your kids are “roadies”. Steph Paynes, lead guitarist and founder of tribute band Lez Zeppelin, shares her products and solutions as a mom with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

(Steph’s Instagram:  @lezzeppelin and @stephpaynes)

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In this episode:

  • Getting a bottle or liquids through TSA at airports, what you’re allowed to do
  • A whore’s bath, the magical baby wipe
  • Her 5 year old son shared a bus for a tour
  • Burp rag, double duty for guitar case
  • Keeping the hospital swaddling towels?
  • Her son helps with road crew, having him along for the trips and gigs

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