Tabitha St. Bernard Jacobs – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

TabithaWhen kids become self aware about humor, teaching a child about meditation, battling for kisses, teaching girls they are in control of their bodies, teaching values by living as examples, the selective listening of kids, and the wonder of watching a baby turn into a person. Designer Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, co-founder of Tabii Just (a zero waste line of womenswear clothing made in NYC), co-founder of Livari, and Youth Director of The Women’s March, shares her special moments and aspirations as a mom with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

(Tabitha’s Instagram: @tabithastb)

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In this episode:

  • When a kid becomes self aware about humor
  • How every day is a new moment, things click, watching a baby turn into a human and learn stuff, and  how it happens early
  • Tabitha on the possibility of having one more child
  • Finding balance, Tabitha on caring for herself
  • Teaching a 3 year old to meditate, using Headspace (in a kids section)
  • For Tabitha, success is teaching her son skills to be a functioning human being
  • Why Tabitha is not focused on career goals anymore, expansion
  • Tabitha’s son is “anti-kisses”
  • Lately her has started kissing her, then laughing – the sweetest thing
  • Michelle on her daughter wanting only kisses in bed, not allowed outside of morning time
  • And Michelle on the need to teach her daughter and reinforce she is control of her body
  • Tabitha on teaching her son by being a example to him, by the way they live their lives, showing the kind of human being they want him to be
  • Sometimes her son has selective listening like many young kids
  • Teaching by talking, he’s listening but not giving eye contact
  • Living by example of values that prioritize love, togetherness, better community, people first

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