Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs – Products and Solutions – Wednesday

TabithaCreating a toy storage system, a kiddie pool for hours, sleep training, the problem with baby gates, and setting sleeping boundaries. Designer Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, co-founder of Tabii Just (a zero waste line of womenswear clothing made in NYC), co-founder of Livari, and Youth Director of The Women’s March, shares her mom products and solutions  with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

(Tabitha’s Instagram: @tabithastb)

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In this episode:

  • St. Bernard-Jacobs on being stuck inside in bad weather
  • Michelles’ daughter’s tiny kiddie pool, filled with water and toys
  • A handwritten calendar
  • Tabitha’s cabinet with different drawers with different categories of toys
  • How the system of the cabinet keeps you from searching
  • She bought toy chest from Ikea
  • Tabitha’s son associates that it is where he gets stuff from, it’s a sytem he’s used to, helps with cleaning up a little
  • Loving clear shoeboxes for storing toys, etc.
  • Trouble with sleep training
  • Baby gates at front of room, can see out, you see in, but there is a barrier
  • Baby gate too much like a dog gate?
  • Tabitha got a tall baby gate, but her baby climbed, worked 3 nights, and shook it so much ripped out of wall, then started throwing toys over the gate to get attention
  • Tabitha and her husband set boundaries, and now her son sleeps in his bed with parents in room till like 2 in am, and he gets up and comes in bed with them
  • Why it is the best they can do now, trying to enjoy it

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