Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

TabithaBeing present with your child, juggling work and school schedules, being 100% with work or child, postpartum and therapy, a supportive husband, date night, self care, and how a kid’s routine also helps mom. Designer Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, co-founder of Tabii Just (a zero waste line of womenswear clothing made in NYC), co-founder of Livari, and Youth Director of The Women’s March, shares her mom routines and relationships with hosts Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

(Tabitha’s Instagram: @tabithastb)

In this episode:

  • A walking to school routine with Stacy and her son Dylan
  • The importance of routines
  • Tabitha on trying to juggle being home with him twice a week with school 3 days/week
  • Finding relief with a nanny-share 2 days a week
  • Play dates are rough—need to do work in between
  • Cut off when he gets home and really be present with him
  • Way more efficient 100% working or 100% with him
  • When you’re working vs. fun on phone
  • Making an impression
  • Leap Frog- typing while mom is typing
  • Married in August, pregnant in April, dating for 3 years, but not enough time just them married together
  • Not easiest mom to be with, super paranoid, postpardum depression
  • All the pressures, many in her head
  • When she’d leave him, she’d be miserable and difficult with anyone when she was away from him
  • Husband is supportive, and pushes back t0 bring her to reality
  • How working with a therapist helped
  • Tried having a date night, the need to
  • Michelle on her Sunday movie dates, and a sense of freedom
  • Setting up routines, general schedule
  • Really be present with him
  • How Tabitha’s son’s routine helps her as a mom
  • Take turns picking her son up
  • Try to say prayers together every night
  • Dedicating 4pm-8:30pm every day just for her son
  • Postpartum, been in therapy for over a decade so always had that help
  • Started centering happiness as action, instead of waiting to be happy again
  • How self care and working out centers her

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