TV/Film Director Lily-Hayes Kaufman-Salzberg – Routines and Relationship – Tuesday

Lily-HayesSick kids and when both spouses can’t be home, kid questions, teaching the clock, using Alexa to motivate behavior, and reminders, grandparents as support, nannies as part of the family, when the children bond with dad, and when bonding moments help the marriage. Lily-Hayes Kaufman-Salzberg, who writes, directs and produces for the web, TV and film (St. Vincent, Dreamworks/NBC’s SMASH, Kill Your Darlings) and who has photographed people and places around the world, shares her mom routines and relationships with Michelle Park.

In this episode:

  • When your kid is sick, your spouse can’t stay home, and you have to be somewhere
  • Lily-Hayes’ daughter Hazel asking questions, things kids experience and stick in their brain and they want to talk about them
  • What the clock says, using clock to create clock rules, getting used to time
  • Michelle programs Alexa for reminders (vitamins, time for bed, etc.), as a voice of authority
  • Grandparents a big part of support systems, and a great nanny
  • A nanny as an extension of your family, kids need to see her as a voice of authority
  • When Lily-Haye’s daughter Hazel is bonding with husband Matt and when Hazel said he is her best friend
  • How bonding moments with kids can help with marriage

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