Author and Journalist Jennifer Miller – Products and Services – Wednesday

Organizing with calendars, taking care of your body so you can work, a standing desk, a changing pad lifesaver, saving everything for the next baby, and mini scooters. Jennifer Miller, author (Mr. Nice Guy), and journalist (New York Times) shares her mom products and services with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

In this episode:

  • Stacy’s organizing super successfully with an old school manual calendar
  • Jennifer on keeping things ergonomic, taking care of back, a solution in making time three times a week to go to pilates, and why they are necessary to be able to do her work
  • An unusual use for a lemonade pitcher
  • Jennifer’s standing desk, keeping her body in alignment, being creative
  • The Keekaroo changing pad, why it is a lifesaver, with just a soft rubber matt, no cloth involved
  • Saving everything for the next baby (especially if same gender)
  • Jennifer’s son is obsessed with his mini scooter, trying to do tricks

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