Nina Mua – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

When your kid starts school, wanting freedom, love, and success for your child without agendas, an educational portal to teach young girls how to develop businesses, a formula for life that works, wanting another baby, and enjoying the same aspirations as your spouse. Nina Mua, makeup artist and founder of Nina Mua Makeup Academy, shares special moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel. (Instagram: @ninamua)

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In this episode:

  • Stacy loves watching Dylan sleeping
  • Nina on entering her daughter into school, time when she’ll go, going from very present mom to her going to school
  • Nina on wanting her daughter to feel free, feel loved, know parents always are behind her back
  • Wanting her daughter to be successful in any area, open her own beauty, every child is unqiue and beautiful
  • Not creating a “creature”, or help her to achieve what Nina is missing — wanting her to know shes special
  • Smart girl
  • No expectations
  • Nina just does her best to help her daughter so she can express herself
  • Nina on developing an educational portal to teach young girls to develop their own business to have more freedom
  • A dream to have another baby despite the demands of business, a baby brother,  sick mom
  • How Nina found her formula that works for her and will create a bigger space for her family
  • Wanting more love from “angels” (kids)
  • When daughter makes her and husband kiss
  • Sharing the same desires with husband, more time with daughter, transform business into online, travel world, show different cultures, feel different vibes which she never had chance with parents

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