Nina Mua – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Making sure your child feels and experiences everything, the happiness of your child being with you, the struggle of not being at one’s business as much as before having a child, hiring people smarter than you, a morning exercise and meditation routine, fresh air, healthy snacks, and water, and family travel. Nina Mua, makeup artist and founder of Nina Mua Makeup Academy, shares her mom routines and relationships with Stacy Igel. (Instagram: @ninamua)

In this episode:

  • Giving a shout out to “The Oath” directed by Stacy’s friend Ike Barinholtz
  • Nina on not having family vacations as a kid
  • Why Nina is determined to make sure her daughter can feel everything, share everything she has in life
  • How it is challenging to leave her daughter with other people
  • Nina wanting her daughter to feel love and comfort
  • Doesn’t matter where she is if she next to Nina, then she’s happiest
  • The struggle not being there at business as much before
  • Making sure the students of the makeup academy are getting 100% as before at business
  • Why it is important to make sure people feel love, trust, and believing in themselves
  • The value of hiring smarter people than you
  • Nina’s morning exercise and meditation routine
  • Fresh air on the balcony each morning
  • The important to travel and spend time as a family
  • Healthy snacks, a lot of water
  • Sports every day

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