Rachel ten Brink of Scentbird – Mom Journey – Monday

Rachel ten BrinckThe trade-offs of being a mom and working, the career path to building a business, creating Scentbird, having to go full time with a startup, a supportive husband, loving the challenge, teaching your kids by example, doing it well, taking care of yourself, and when you actually are able to take care of b0th job and family despite impossible odds. Rachel ten Brink, CMO and Co-Founder of Scentbird (Scentbird is a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends you a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of your choice) shares her mom journey with Michelle Park. (Instagram: @scentbird and @rtenbink1)

In this episode:

  • Wine in the studio
  • Michelle being sandwiched between two kids – greatest feeling
  • Rachel on trying it all, eleven years as a mom, trying every configuration of working and being a mom, always a trade off
  • Find what works for you, always an evolution
  • At time she worked there went back after 10 weeks wasn’t ready, working at Estee Lauder
  • When her employer let her go
  • Becoming a “tequila queen” at Bacardi
  • When her department was being restructured, everyone got laid off
  • A mom has to be ready for change
  • Then working for the CMO of Elizabeth Arden
  • Starting Scentbird with an algorithm to match you with scents
  • Then the company was accepted in an accelerator in NY
  • Having to go full time
  • Why early stage startups are not for faint of heart
  • How Rachel’s husband is so supportive
  • Part of Rachel loves it all even with the challenge
  • Why Rachel is proud of what she’s teaching her kids
  • Just do it well
  • Have to take care of yourself
  • A #MOMSGOTTHIS moment – Demo day for Scentbird, working at office, making it to gymnastic presentations, then a business outing with colleagues

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