Rachel ten Brink of Scentbird – Products and Solutions – Wednesday

When exercising gets boring, a mom-boss tip for working out, fading more time with kids, making mom friends, and Gymboree. Rachel ten Brink, CMO and Co-Founder of Scentbird (Scentbird is a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends you a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of your choice) shares her mom products and solutions with Michelle Park. (Instagram: @scentbird and @rtenbink1)

In this episode:

  • Rachel ten Brink on travel size fragrance sprays from Scentbird, being able to have scents that match the situation
  • Exercise and how Rachel gets bored, no time
  • Boss-mom tip – YouTubes workouts via PopSugar Fitness, a new workout every morning, getting something in each day
  • ClassPass — usually on weekends
  • Rachel is always on the lookout for things that give her more time with kids on her schedule
  • Gymboree may be made for people like Rachel, and got to meet other working moms, make friends

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Scentbird is about the fun and magic of fragrance. They designed Scentbird for the pickiest girl- or boy- to let you date luxury perfumes before marrying them.
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