Randi Zinn of Beyond Mom – Mom Journey – Monday

Randi ZinnA self-love community, empowering women, health and wellness, the Mom Tool Kit, an unusual career trajectory, owning one’s voice, staying alive and inspired, and becoming the observer when two kids are playing. Randi Zinn, founder of Beyond Mom and author of “Going Beyond Mom” and Athleta Brand Ambassador, shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel. (Instagram @randizinn)

In this episode:

  • Being founder of Beyond Mom, a self-love community pathway for fulfillment
  • Enmpowering women to own the right to give to themselves, to come together
  • How Randi has been in health/wellness and media space, and then she blended those fields when she became a mom
  • Research on what makes a woman feel whole and productive
  • A Beyond Mom tool kit
  • From media to yoga
  • When Randi’s dad died in an accident, how it changed her professional and personal trajectory
  • Randi knew little about business and strategy
  • Owning one’s voice, trusting leadership skills,
  • How her business and mission provides a glimmer of passion, keeping her alive and inspired
  • Watch two kids engaging and playing, and how she can personally affect them, and becoming an observer

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