Randi Zinn of Beyond Mom – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

A child ringbearer, teaching children to be respectful humans, taking stock of your accomplishments, developing business retreats and helping more people. Randi Zinn, founder of Beyond Mom and author of “Going Beyond Mom” and Athleta Brand Ambassador, shares mom moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel. (Instagram @randizinn)

In this episode:

  • Stacy’s son Dylan as a wedding ringbearer (Dylan’s got this!)
  • Teaching children to be respectful human beings
  • How parenting has gotten soft
  • Teaching kids how to hear one another and communicate
  • How an entrepreneur is never satisfied
  • Trying to slow down and give credit for whats she’s done
  • Content has strengthened, so want to implement what is working
  • Retreats are jumping to next level
  • Want retreats to be a place to have a sacred day, in Hudson Valey
  • How Randi has her own home retreat space
  • How can she get meaningful conversations to get women to the next level
  • Everything she’s doing to the next level, goal of helping more people

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