Emily Blumenthal – Mom Journey – Monday

Emily BlumenthalA choking scare, requiring a media strategy for an 11 year old’s social media use, handbags, an Australian DJ, deciding to build a company, and why having kids is a legitimate job credential. Emily Blumenthal, Founder of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, Handbag Designer 101, Author, & Professor of Entrepreneurship, shares her Mom Journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Emily’s Instagram: @handbagdesigner)

In this episode:

  • A choking incident and big scare with Michelle’s daughter
  • Emily’s 11-year-old girl has an old soul
  • How Emily requires a media strategy for her 11-year-old’s social media presence
  • On creating photo albums, Emily is delinquent, too much is from photos just on social media
  • Emily’s almost 9-year-old boy, almost 2-year-old boy
  • Her handbag line and handbag awards, and a book on handbag design
  • Behind the scenes of building a company
  • Emily’s media background, how she was dating an Australian DJ and became his manager
  • Girls were having problems with handbags when going out, and Emily wondered why there wasn’t a bag for women to hang onto when they go out.
  • Taking a class and realizing she should be teaching it, how that inspired her
  • How nobody cares if you’ve had kids, but it should be worthy of a job credential