Emily Blumenthal – Products and Services – Wednesday

The miracle of the instapot, smoothies, getting kids involved in making lunches in advance, the mixed messages of allowances, no pacifiers, and a great mom hack in the toy aisle. Emily Blumenthal, Founder of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, Handbag Designer 101, Author, & Professor of Entrepreneurship, shares her mom products and services with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Emily’s Instagram: @handbagdesigner)

In this episode:

  • The miracle of the instapot instead of slow cooker
  • The unfortunate throwing out of food
  • Emily worked in Moscow and London, exposed to a lot of food there
  • Kids love smoothies (until they knew what was in them)
  • Making lunches night before, getting the kids involved in lunch making process
  • Empowering kids to do more in the home
  • Why allowances may send mixed messages
  • No pacifiers in Emily’s home
  • Mom hack: Playing in the toy aisle with snacks, put them back, and leave
  • The appeal of Target as a mom, going with a plan

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