Joey Bartolomeo of Seventeen Magazine – Mom Journey – Monday

Joey BartolomeoThe opportunity of an extended “maternity leave”, feeling guilty about your job with a young child, choosing which work events to attend, a husband running for election, the benefit of family who lives close, and making it seem effortless. Joey Bartolomeo, Executive Editor of Seventeen Magazine, shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: missjoey17)

In this episode:

  • When Stacy ran into Joey at a high school reunion
  • Joey as Executive Editor of Seventeen Magazine, and having so much experience in many publications and environments, in beauty, fashion, celebrities, etc.
  • An extended “maternity leave”  (without a job) when her son was born, then started with Seventeen Magazine when he was 6 months old — giving her 6 months with him
  • Feeling guilty with your job and not being with your kid
  • Joey’s husband running for NY state comptroller
  • Why Joey doesn’t go to many events, and only goes if it makes a difference that she’s there
  • Wondering how do moms at weekly publications do it?
  • How having family close is a lifesaver
  • Trying to make it seem effortless behind the scenes as a mom, never let your kid worry about it
  • That time her mom went missing and no one noticed

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