Joey Bartolomeo of Seventeen Magazine – Products and Services – Wednesday

A wake-up clock for kids and an app for moms to help with sleep time, beauty magazine resources, a fast face clean up, and hair touch-up products. Joey Bartolomeo, Executive Editor of Seventeen Magazine, shares her mom products and services with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: missjoey17)

In this episode:

  • A book about subway stops
  • The “OK to Wake Clock”, keeping children in bed without issues
  • An app: Moms On Call, tells you when baby should be waking up, when to nap, eat
  • The resource of beauty magazines
  • Teens have no time just need to get out the door, they know the fast beauty secrets
  • What Joey has learned from magazines
  • Water for cleansing skin, put on pad to clean face and moisturizes skin at same time
  • Need to scrub face, but just getting makeup off and go to bed
  • Rita Hazan spray to touch up hair roots, or pencil, can extend hair touch up appointments

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