Ali Levitan of General Assembly – Mom Journey – Monday

Sparkle stickers, time with family before work, helping people find the work they love, when your kids understand what you do, being conscious of girls feeling like they can do anything, Barbies with careers, and the importance of art and creativity. Ali Levitan, Head of Media Practice at General Assembly, shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @alijacobslevitan)

In this episode:

  • Michelle on sparkle stickers – bought a giant tub, daughter plays for hours
  • Ali’s girl and boy
  • When people are named Alexa and other smart speaker names
  • Ali on loving having the love and relationships and inspiration in the morning before gong to work, a special time with kids and husband
  • How she took a break between jobs, and taking on a role that has meaning, getting paid to learn and network
  • General Assembly and helping people find work they love
  • Kids understanding what a parent does
  • Being conscious of making sure girls can feel like they can do and be anything
  • Barbies with careers
  • Art and creativity
  • When your kid loves art

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