Jenn Kapahi of tre’Stique Beauty – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday

A dance mom, growing a cosmetics business across the country, being on QVC, and why a son’s first steps were extra special. Jenn Kapahi, Co-Founder of tre’Stique Beauty, shares her mom moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @jenniferkapahi)

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In this episode:

  • Michelle on becoming a dance mom
  • Jenn’s aspirations for business at 3 years into the business
  • Looking at what’s attainable, goals grow accounts, see more sales, Amason luxury, Sephora, QVC
  • Being on QVC
  • Launching in many big places and 30 independent retails across the country
  • Next year is key for Jenn’s business
  • Growing the team, getting to point sustainable for profit and can hire senior strategics
  • Small but mighty
  • Tiered vacations, summer Fridays, company holidays and work from home weeks
  • Special moments when traveling, in LA
  • 14 months old, not walking yet
  • How her son was so excited to hang out with older kids, mimicking them
  • How Jenn’s son stood up and started walking
  • Kids so excited, practiced walking with him
  • A wonderful moment, everyone was there to witness, friends, husband, kids, shared by people they care about, something clicked, he got it from his peers
  • How Jenn’s son may have learned more in 3 days than a long time at home

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