Jenn Kapahi of tre’Stique Beauty – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday

Managing a child’s many classes and busy schedule, spending the mornings as a family, sitting down for every meal, how relationships change when pregnant, 9 months of intense sickness as pregnant, and no time with friends while pregnant. Jenn Kapahi, Co-Founder of tre’Stique Beauty, shares her mom routines and relationships with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @jenniferkapahi)

In this episode:

  • Michelle on becoming an intense mom, managing calendars for all her daughter’s activities, and Michelle’s spreadsheets
  • Jenn’s son’s routine, toddler programs
  • During mornings, everyone’s with him
  • Sitting down for every meal
  • A child’s many classes
  • How relationships changed when Jenn was pregnant
  • Jenn vomited many times a day, bedridden, relationships, personal and business almost entire pregnancy
  • Only 2-3 weeks that Jennifer felt good, she had vertigo, had to have conference calls with the phone on her chest
  • Jennifer on feeling guilty with her husband
  • Didn’t see friends for 8 months
  • Jennifer had a natural delivery, was very hard, felt fine immediately

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