Erin Stutland – Mom Journey – Monday

Helping others though meditation and movement, a work life balance with both spouses, managing time and passing on some work obligations. Erin Stutland, a coach, fitness expert, TV show host and entrepreneur who has created a multi-platform MOVEMENT that includes live workout classes, a new transformational TV show and online programs that reach people in over 45 countries around the world, shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and guest host Sophie Elgort. (Instagram: @erin.stutland)

In this episode:

  • Erin and guest host/former guest Sophie share some recent events in their mom journeys
  • How Erin shifted from dance and acting to starting her own business dedicated to helping people through movement and meditation
  • The importance of learning through teaching, and how running her own business for 10 years prepared Erin for motherhood
  • How Erin and her husband, both entrepreneurs, have set up their work/life balances so that they can still focus on their child
  • The ways motherhood forces you to manage time efficiently, and deciding when it’s right to pass certain work obligations
  • Erin shares her #MOMSGOTTHIS moment