Erin Stutland – Products and Solutions – Wednesday

Breast feeding as long as possible, an amazing bassinet, organic baby food, cooking 21 meals per week, and the amazing cauliflower rice! Erin Stutland, a coach, fitness expert, TV show host and entrepreneur who has created a multi-platform MOVEMENT that includes live workout classes, a new transformational TV show and online programs that reach people in over 45 countries around the world, shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and guest host Sophie Elgort. (Instagram: @erin.stutland)

In this episode:

  • Erin’s feeding routines with her baby and the reasons behind her decision to breast feed for as long as possible
  • The SNOO bassinet, and other products and solutions that help Erin raise a healthy and happy baby
  • How Erin manages cooking and preparing 21 meals a week for her baby, and how Erin has tried preparing her child to eat healthy
  • Erin’s experience with Pure Spoon
  • How Sophie and Erin manage cooking for themselves and their babies, and how versatile cauliflower rice can be for the whole family

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