Marina Kaydanova of BK Pilates – Mom Journey – Monday

MirandaA hobby becomes a business while raising a family, running a business with a newborn vs. an older child, balancing mom and entrepreneur, and how the two roles influence one another. Marina Kaydanova, Founder and Operations/Health and Wellness Coach of BK Pilates, shares her mom journey with Michelle Park. (Instagram: @pilateswithmarina)

In this episode:

  • How Marina turned a hobby into a full time job while raising a family
  • The ways a business background helped Marina build her brand
  • The differences between starting a business with a 5 year old and running a business with a newborn
  • Finding a balance between being a mom and being an entrepreneur 
  • How being a mother influences Marina as an entrepreneur, and vice versa
  • Plus, Marina’s #MOMSGOTTHIS Moment!

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