Matrimonial Attorney Elysa Greenblatt – Products and Solutions – Wednesday

Books to inspire future careers, a tiny camera for kids, Lego Friends, coping with compartmentalization, trusting in your support people, making sure your kids know they are more important than work. Matrimonial Attorney Elysa Greenblatt (Greenblatt Law, LLC) shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @greenblattlawllc)

In this episode:

  • Some new books
  • A tiny camera from Discovery Kids, son interested in photos, has memory card and can pull them up and print them
  • A princess room and Lego Friends
  • No Barbies?
  • Compartmentalize things lets you cope
  • When a kid is sick, trust that nanny and husband can take care of things and focus on her clients
  • Even if you’re not there in that moment, you want to be there, and can usually arrange things the next day
  • Making sure kids know work is not more important than they are
  • And going back and forth to make sure she was there for her kids on a busy day

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